A pebble-covered
Tejo vineyard

The flavour of Tejo

Wines with their own identity. Wines that, in the blend of native and international varieties, give those who taste them experiences that are both rich and innovative.

Wines that bring to the palate and the nose, a little of the place, of the people and the passion for winemaking. Wines that, above all, are a pleasure to taste. And share. Cheers!!


Wines with flavours of the Tejo


 Tejo wine people

A wine’s character is closely connected to the vineyard’s terroir, the climate conditions and the age of the vines. This is a given. But at Falua, we believe that a wine is also closely connected to those who prune the vines, who look after each stem, each bunch, with the same care we give a child. This is how, step by step, we craft the flavours and aromas of each wine, in an alchemy of knowledge that leads to unique experiences every time we take a sip.

the hands that work the vineyard

Living wine with passion. With wisdom. With know-how and some defiance to find new paths to ancient knowledge. This is how Antonina Barbosa, Falua’s winemaker spends her days among cask samples and the tasting room, where she strives to find the best combinations of aromas and flavours for Falua wines.

 Tejo always

Winding through hills and valleys, the Tagus River divides our country between north and south. From mild and rainy weather to the heat of the boundless Alentejo plains. This river leads to the world, as stated the great and immortal poet Fernando Pessoa, and this river also brings water to quench the thirst of the soils and help our vineyards drink the nutrients they need to give us exceptional vintages.